Throughout the book we have developed a basic model (repeated in Figure 10-1) for the implementation of kanban scheduling. This model contains seven steps, listed in Figure 10-2, for implementing and maintaining the kanban. In keeping with the basic tenets of the Toyota Production System and Lean manufacturing, we have shown this model as a continuous loop of implementing and improving the kanbans. Today's competitive manufacturing environment requires this philosophy of continuous improvement and change to survive.

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Figure 10-1: Kanban Implementation Model.

  1. Conduct data collection
  2. Calculate the kanban size
  3. Design the kanban
  4. Train everyone
  5. Start the kanban
  6. Audit and maintain the kanban
  7. Improve the kanban

Figure 10-2: Seven Steps to Implementing Kanban.

In Chapter 1, we also said that many people didn't implement kanban because of lack of understanding and fear of change. We hope that this book clears up the lack of understanding and that it gives you the means to address your implementation fears. We believe that the best way to address your fears is by developing plans that prevent these fears from occurring. This belief leads us to stress:

  • Using current process data to calculate the kanban quantities
  • Developing written kanban operating rules and visual management plans that spell out the when, where, and who of the kanban design

We also proposed several keys to successful implementation of kanban scheduling to help in formulating your kanban. These items are shown in Figure 10-3. Throughout the book we have built our concepts around these keys.

  • Size the kanban to current conditions
  • Adapt container size to allow flow
  • Make kanban signals visual
  • Develop rules that provide decision points plus checks and balances
  • Train the operators to run the kanban system
  • Set up audit plans to keep assumptions current and maintain system discipline
  • Develop a phased improvement plan to reduce the kanban quantities

Figure 10-3: The Keys to Successful Kanban Implementation.

Finally, we know that the best way for you to develop an understanding of kanban is by implementation, or the proverbial: Just Do It !!

Therefore, use the steps in this book to help guide you through the process. As you encounter unique situations, use your team to develop solutions that address the issues. Thanks for your time. Good luck. Now get to work.

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