VSTO Data Programming

A full treatment of Microsoft's ADO.NET data programming model could easily fill an entire book of its own. Therefore, this chapter starts with an example of how to use the VSTO designer to create a data-bound customized spreadsheet without writing a single line of code. After that, the chapter examines some ADO.NET features and then delves into the Word- and Excel-specific programming model.

To understand ADO.NET in all its complexity, read Shawn Wildermuth's Pragmatic ADO.NET (Addison-Wesley, 2002) and the data binding chapters of Windows Forms Programming in C# (Addison-Wesley, 2003) by Chris Sells.

Part One. An Introduction to VSTO

An Introduction to Office Programming

Introduction to Office Solutions

Part Two. Office Programming in .NET

Programming Excel

Working with Excel Events

Working with Excel Objects

Programming Word

Working with Word Events

Working with Word Objects

Programming Outlook

Working with Outlook Events

Working with Outlook Objects

Introduction to InfoPath

Part Three. Office Programming in VSTO

The VSTO Programming Model

Using Windows Forms in VSTO

Working with Actions Pane

Working with Smart Tags in VSTO

VSTO Data Programming

Server Data Scenarios

.NET Code Security


Part Four. Advanced Office Programming

Working with XML in Excel

Working with XML in Word

Developing COM Add-Ins for Word and Excel

Creating Outlook Add-Ins with VSTO

Visual Studio Tools for Office(c) Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath
Visual Studio Tools for Office(c) Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath
ISBN: 321334884
Year: N/A
Pages: 214

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