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This chapter has explored some of the most important objects in the Word object model. We use many of these objects in the Word examples in subsequent chapters. We also consider some additional Word object model objects used to work with XML in Word in Chapter 22, "Working with XML in Word."

This chapter has described these objects as defined by the primary interop assemblies for Word. Be aware, however, that VSTO extends some of these objects (Document, Bookmark, XMLNodes, and XMLNode) to add some additional functionality, such as data binding support. Part Three of this book, starting with Chapter 13, covers those extensions.

Part One. An Introduction to VSTO

An Introduction to Office Programming

Introduction to Office Solutions

Part Two. Office Programming in .NET

Programming Excel

Working with Excel Events

Working with Excel Objects

Programming Word

Working with Word Events

Working with Word Objects

Programming Outlook

Working with Outlook Events

Working with Outlook Objects

Introduction to InfoPath

Part Three. Office Programming in VSTO

The VSTO Programming Model

Using Windows Forms in VSTO

Working with Actions Pane

Working with Smart Tags in VSTO

VSTO Data Programming

Server Data Scenarios

.NET Code Security


Part Four. Advanced Office Programming

Working with XML in Excel

Working with XML in Word

Developing COM Add-Ins for Word and Excel

Creating Outlook Add-Ins with VSTO

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