Adding Controls at Runtime

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The key to using Windows Forms controls in your Word or Excel solutions is to think about what user-interface options meet your requirements. VSTO provides you with considerable flexibility for extending the user interface of Word or Excel, and there is no one right answer as to which is the best way. Windows Forms controls allow you to extend the capabilities that ActiveX controls provided while leveraging the ever-growing Windows Forms controls ecosystem.

This chapter described how you can use Windows Forms controls to extend your Office solutions. In particular, the chapter examined how hosting controls on the document surface is a very powerful tool for developing applications. The chapter also covered the architecture of hosting controls on the document surface and the limitations and differences in this model compared to traditional Windows Forms development. Chapter 15 continues the discussion about Windows Forms and Office, specifically showing how to use Windows Forms controls on Office's Document Actions task pane.

Part One. An Introduction to VSTO

An Introduction to Office Programming

Introduction to Office Solutions

Part Two. Office Programming in .NET

Programming Excel

Working with Excel Events

Working with Excel Objects

Programming Word

Working with Word Events

Working with Word Objects

Programming Outlook

Working with Outlook Events

Working with Outlook Objects

Introduction to InfoPath

Part Three. Office Programming in VSTO

The VSTO Programming Model

Using Windows Forms in VSTO

Working with Actions Pane

Working with Smart Tags in VSTO

VSTO Data Programming

Server Data Scenarios

.NET Code Security


Part Four. Advanced Office Programming

Working with XML in Excel

Working with XML in Word

Developing COM Add-Ins for Word and Excel

Creating Outlook Add-Ins with VSTO

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