Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

One Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

In this chapter, you will: complete this project and practice these skills.

Project 1A Editing and Viewing a Presentation


  1. Start and Exit PowerPoint

  2. Edit a Presentation Using the Outline/Slides Pane

  3. Format and Edit a Presentation Using the Slide Pane

  4. View and Edit a Presentation in Slide Sorter View

  5. View a Slide Show

  6. Create Headers and Footers

  7. Print a Presentation

  8. Use PowerPoint Help

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The City of Desert Park

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Desert Park, Arizona, is a thriving city with a population of just under 1 million in an ideal location serving major markets in the western United States and Mexico. Desert Parks temperate year-round climate attracts both visitors and businesses, and it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The city expects and has plenty of space for long-term growth, and most of the undeveloped land already has a modern infrastructure and assured water supply in place.

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Presentation skills are among the most important skills you will ever learn. Good presentation skills enhance all your communicationswritten, electronic, and interpersonal. In our fast-paced world of email, pagers, and wireless phones, communicating ideas clearly and concisely is a critical personal skill. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 is a presentation graphics software program that you can use to effectively present information to your audience. PowerPoint is used to create electronic slide presentations, black-and-white or color overhead transparencies, and 35mm slides.

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Windows XP

Outlook 2003

Internet Explorer

Computer Concepts

Word 2003

Chapter One. Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2003

Chapter Two. Formatting and Organizing Text

Chapter Three. Using Graphics and Tables

Chapter Four. Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

Excel 2003

Chapter One. Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Chapter Two. Designing Effective Worksheets

Chapter Three. Using Functions and Data Tables

Access 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with Access Databases and Tables

Chapter Two. Sort, Filter, and Query a Database

Chapter Three. Forms and Reports

Powerpoint 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

Chapter Two. Creating a Presentation

Chapter Three. Formatting a Presentation

Integrated Projects

Chapter One. Using Access Data with Other Office Applications

Chapter Two. Using Tables in Word and Excel

Chapter Three. Using Excel as a Data Source in a Mail Merge

Chapter Four. Linking Data in Office Documents

Chapter Five. Creating Presentation Content from Office Documents

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