Getting Started with Internet Explorer 6.0

The Internet got its start in the 1960s as an experiment by the Department of Defense as a way for large computers to communicate with other large computers. The Internet has evolved into the largest online computer network in the worldone accessed by hundreds of millions of people every day.

Today, using the Internet, you are able to locate old classmates, communicate with friends using e-mail or chat, or find phone numbers, directions, and maps so you can arrange visits. The Internet allows you to explore the museums of the world or shop for items that are unavailable at your local mall all with a click of a button. You can control your finances or improve your mind with educational opportunities any time of day and from any location. The Internet gives you a greater connection to the world.

This introduction to Internet Explorer 6.0 provides a basic overview of Internet Explorer features and how to use them to explore the Internet. You will practice how to access Web sites, navigate the Internet, save your favorite Web sites, search for information, and save and print Web pages.

Project 1A College and Career Information

Windows XP

Outlook 2003

Internet Explorer

Computer Concepts

Word 2003

Chapter One. Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2003

Chapter Two. Formatting and Organizing Text

Chapter Three. Using Graphics and Tables

Chapter Four. Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

Excel 2003

Chapter One. Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Chapter Two. Designing Effective Worksheets

Chapter Three. Using Functions and Data Tables

Access 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with Access Databases and Tables

Chapter Two. Sort, Filter, and Query a Database

Chapter Three. Forms and Reports

Powerpoint 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

Chapter Two. Creating a Presentation

Chapter Three. Formatting a Presentation

Integrated Projects

Chapter One. Using Access Data with Other Office Applications

Chapter Two. Using Tables in Word and Excel

Chapter Three. Using Excel as a Data Source in a Mail Merge

Chapter Four. Linking Data in Office Documents

Chapter Five. Creating Presentation Content from Office Documents

Go! With Microsoft Office 2003 Brief
GO! with Microsoft Office 2003 Brief (2nd Edition)
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