Configuring a Name Server to Send Queries from a Particular IPv6 Address

.3.1 Problem

You want a BIND 9 name server to send queries from a particular IPv6 address.

.3.2 Solution

Use the query-source-v6 options substatement to tell the name server to use a particular IPv6 address as the source address for queries it sends (over IPv6). For example, to use the address 222:10:2521:1:210:4bff:fe10:d24 as the source address for IPv6 queries, you could use:

options {
 directory "/var/named";
 query-source-v6 address 222:10:2521:1:210:4bff:fe10:d24;

.3.3 Discussion

Only BIND 9 name servers can handle an IPv6 transport, so don try this with a BIND 8 name server.

You can specify a particular source port to use for IPv6 queries by using the port argument. For example:

options {
 directory "/var/named";
 query-source-v6 address 222:10:2521:1:210:4bff:fe10:d24 port 5353;

There are also IPv6 counterparts to the transfer-source and notify-source substatements called, predictably, transfer-source-v6 and notify-source-v6, respectively. The syntax is the same as the syntax of query-source-v6 substatement, minus the address keyword. For example:

zone "foo.example" {
 type slave;
 masters { 222:10:2521:1:210:4bff:fe10:d24; };
 file "";
 transfer-source-v6 222:10:2521:1:210:4c00:fe11:d22;

.3.4 See Also

"Configuring the IPv6 Transport" in Chapter 10 of DNS and BIND.

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