Running Multiple Primary Master Name Servers for the Same Zone

5.26.1 Problem

You want to run more than one primary master name server for the same zone.

5.26.2 Solution

Configure multiple name servers with zone statements of type master for the zone, then use a program such as scp, rdist, or rsync to keep the zone data files synchronized.

5.26.3 Discussion

An rdist distfile to synchronize zone data files between two name servers might look like this:

DUPS = ( )

FILES = ( /var/named/ )

${FILES} -> ${DUPS}

 special "rndc reload foo.example";

A scheme like this won't work with a dynamically updated zone, because the zone data file won't usually be rewritten right away after the name server receives an update. Moreover, if more than one primary master actually accepts dynamic updates, rsync-style synchronization might corrupt the zone data file.

5.26.4 See Also

rdist(1) and scp(1).

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