Configuring a BIND Name Server as a Slave to a Microsoft DNS Server

8.6.1 Problem

You want to configure a BIND name server as a slave to a Microsoft DNS Server.

8.6.2 Solution

Configure the BIND name server as a slave for the zones you want to load from the Microsoft DNS Server, using the Microsoft DNS Server's address in the zones' masters substatements.

On the Microsoft DNS Server, make sure the name server doesn't include WINS or WINS-R records in zone transfers to your BIND slave. (You're adding a WINS record when you configure a Microsoft DNS Server to look up names using a WINS server if it can't find them in a zone, and a WINS-R record when you configure the name server to use a NETBIOS query to help with reverse mapping.) These records are included in zone transfers unless you check the Do not replicate this record checkbox on the WINS tab of the zone's Properties window in the DNS Console (for Windows 2000) or the Settings only affect local server checkbox on the WINS Lookup tab of the zone's Properties window in DNS Manager (for Windows NT 4.0).

8.6.3 Discussion

Remember to ask the administrator of the zone to add an NS record for the name server, assuming you want remote name servers to query it. If you don't want the name server listed in an NS record, you can still ask the administrator to configure his Microsoft DNS Server to send your name server NOTIFY messages for the slave zones.

8.6.4 See Also

"Interoperability and Version Problems" in Chapter 14 of DNS and BIND, and "Interoperability Problems" in Chapter 13 of DNS on Windows 2000.

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