Getting a Precompiled Version of BIND

1.14.1 Problem

You need a copy of BIND precompiled for your particular operating system.

1.14.2 Solution

Search the software archive for your operating system for a precompiled version of BIND. Here are the locations of precompiled versions of BIND for a few popular operating systems:

FreeBSD 4.6

BIND 9.2.1:

Red Hat Linux 7.3

BIND 9.2.0: Ftp://

Solaris 8

BIND 9.2.1:

Windows 2000 and XP

BIND 9.2.1:

1.14.3 Discussion

This option doesn't allow any customization of compile-time options, like whether BIND is built multithreaded or with IPv6 support, so I'd recommend compiling your own copy of BIND if you can.

1.14.4 See Also

Recipes Section 1.12 and Section 1.13 for getting a copy of BIND and compiling it yourself.

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