Getting a List of Top-Level Domains

1.4.1 Problem

You need a list of top-level domains (TLDs), possibly to figure out which one your organization belongs in.

1.4.2 Solution

See for an alphabetical list of top-level domains. See for a list of top-level domains alphabetized by country name (instead of the top-level domain label). Each list includes links to the registration authority for each TLD.

1.4.3 Discussion

The most recent edition of DNS and BIND, as of this writing, also contains a list of top-level domains as its Appendix A. However, that list does not include the new generic top-level domains (e.g., biz and info), as they were introduced after that edition's publication.

1.4.4 See Also

Appendix A of DNS and BIND.

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Electronic Mail

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Interoperability and Upgrading

Resolvers and Programming

Logging and Troubleshooting


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