Discarding a Category of Messages

.5.1 Problem

You want to discard all messages logged in a particular category.

.5.2 Solution

Add a category substatement to the logging statement in the name servers named.conf file (or add a logging statement, if named.conf doesn contain one), assigning the category to the null channel. For example, you can discard all messages about lame name servers with this logging statement:

logging {
 category lame-servers { null; };

.5.3 Discussion

The update-security category, introduced in BIND 9.3.0, was created just so administrators could dump "Update denied" messages into the null channel without missing more important security-related messages.

.5.4 See Also

Section 8.7, to stop Windows computers from trying to dynamically update a zone, Section 10.6, if you e not sure which category a message is in, and "The Logging Statement" in Chapter 7 of DNS and BIND.

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