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Component View

The top-level package view of the application's component is shown in Figure E-15. In this diagram, the «virtual root»/glossary defines the application's URL hierarchy, and the «physical root» Glossary defines the physical location of all JSP files that are requestable by the browsers. This diagram shows the component package hierarchy for the additional Java classes (app.glossary.taglib) and two reference Java packages that are part of the JDK and J2EE specifications.

Figure E-15. Top-level packages in the component view


Some of the requestable URLs are implemented with servlets instead of JSPs. Because the physical location of servlets is bound to their package hierarchies in the component view, «HTTPResource» elements are created to map these servlets into the URL space under the virtual root (Figure E-16).

Figure E-16. «HTTPResources» elements mapped to the system's servlets


The components under the physical root (Figure E-17) make up the rest of the requestable HTTP resources. These components are modeled with «JSP» components, with one «static page» and one «script library» component.

Figure E-17. «JSP» components in the «physical root»


Overview of Modeling and Web-Related Technologies

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