• The activities of implementation include mapping the design into code and components, unit testing, and, if necessary, updating the model.
  • Client-side and server-side programmers deal with the implementation of business logic. Graphic artists provide the implementation for the look-and-feel of the user interface.
  • When the enabling technology is scripted pagesJSP, ASPX, PHPeach server page maps to one scripted page file, or page component.
  • Vendor/framework-specific component stereotypes make it easier to understand the component models.
  • A significant amount of structural code can be mapped directly from the model; the vast majority of behavioral code must be created by the implementer.
  • The implementer uses interaction diagramssequence, collaborationand activity diagrams to understand and to implement the classes' operations.
  • During implementation, the number of attributes and operations defined in a class almost always increases with the introduction of helper members.

Overview of Modeling and Web-Related Technologies

Building Web Applications

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