In most software development efforts, the vision document is created early to obtain funding. In this book, the need for this application was solely to provide a nontrivial example of the Web Application Extension (WAE) profile for UML for this second edition. The publisher and I are in essence the primary stakeholders, and it is to this audience that this document is oriented.

Because the publisher and I are the primary stakeholders and are undertaking this vision document solely to produce supplementary material for the book, the vision does not contain much market analysis or cost/value comparisons. Rather, it contains a lot of the mental discussions I've had with myself about what type of application would be a good exemplar of a J2EE application, one that would be good candidate to show the most important aspects of the WAE.

Overview of Modeling and Web-Related Technologies

Building Web Applications

Building Web Applications With UML
Building Web Applications with UML (2nd Edition)
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