Comments are non-executable statements that document or describe LotusScript code. A well-documented application can help other Domino developers understand why code was implemented as well as the results to expect. As a developer, it's good practice to include comments throughout the software code. For example, comments can be used to describe

  • A subroutine, function, or major block of code
  • Parameters passed between subroutines
  • Variables, constants, or objects
  • Code changes to resolve problems
  • General warnings or things to watch out for

There are two types of comments in LotusScriptsingle line and multiple line. The apostrophe (') is used to denote a single-line comment. With a single-line comment, all text to the right of the apostrophe is ignored when the code is executed. A single-line comment can reside on a line by itself or can be appended to the end of an executable statement. It's important to understand that single-line comments cannot reside in the middle of an executable statement. The following code includes three single-line comments. Each comment line starts with an apostrophe.

' The following displays a message
Messagebox ("Good morning.")

With multiple-line comments, all text between the start and end statements is skipped when the program executes. Multi-line statements are helpful when adding a large block of text or to comment out a block of code. All multi-line comments must start with %REM and end with %END REM. All text information, including code instructions, between these two statements will be ignored.

Comment line 1
Comment line 2
Comment line 3

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