Compute the Day of the Week

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This LotusScript code will determine the day of the week based on the provided date.

How It Works

One way to manage the day of the week is to utilize the SelectCase statement in conjunction with the Weekday function. The Weekday function returns a numeric value that represents Sunday (1) through Saturday (7). After the numeric value is returned, the appropriate day of the week string is computed via the Select statement.


Set a date value for the dateStamp object. Use the Weekday function to return the day of the week for the specified date value (see Figure 13.10). In the following example, the date is set to the current day. However, this could be any date value, or you could reference a field on a form.

Dim theDayofWeek As String
Dim dateStamp As NotesDateTime
Set dateStamp = New NotesDateTime("Today")

Select Case Weekday(dateStamp.DateOnly)
Case 1
 theDayofWeek = "Sunday"
Case 2
 theDayofWeek = "Monday"
Case 3
 theDayofWeek = "Tuesday"
Case 4
 theDayofWeek = "Wednesday"
Case 5
 theDayofWeek = "Thursday"
Case 6
 theDayofWeek = "Friday"
Case 7
 theDayofWeek = "Saturday"
End Select

Msgbox "Today is " & theDayofWeek

Figure 13.10. Compute the day of the week using the Weekday function

The following illustrates a simplified methodology to determine the day of the week (see Figure 13.11). In this example, only the number corresponding to the weekday is returned (e.g., Friday).

Msgbox Weekday(Now)

Figure 13.11. Example of the Weekday function

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