Create a Last Updated By Field

Often, a document will contain a field to track the last person who modified the document. This enables users to determine who last updated the document.

How It Works

To automatically store the name of the person who last updated the document, create a computed field on the form. Then use the @IsDocBeingSaved function to determine whether the document is being saved from the Lotus Notes user interface. If the document is being saved, store the name of the user who issued the save command. Otherwise, the formula returns the current value for the field.


To implement this solution, create a computed field on the form and insert the following formula in the Programmer's pane.

result := @If (@IsDocBeingSaved;
 @UserName); @ThisName);


Lotus Notes automatically updates the $UpdatedBy field with a running list of user IDs that have saved the document. This field is automatically generated for documents but is not automatically displayed on the document. You may want to consider adding this field to the form design for supplemental information purposes. Simply create a computed text field called $UpdatedBy. Select Allow multiple values in the field properties dialog and set the value formula to @ThisName.

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