The Importance of Database Backups

All Domino server files and databases should be backed up for disaster recovery purposes. This ensures that the system can be quickly (and hopefully easily) recovered in the event that a problem occurs. Problems can arise from an assortment of natural and human errors or other reasons. Either way, users simply want things "back to normal" and as quickly as possible. The solution is to back up the server and all database files on a regular basis. Considerations should include

  • Frequency of full system backups
  • Frequency of incremental "delta" backups
  • Number of tapes or CD-ROMs in rotation (if used)
  • Documented "Backup Process"
  • Documented "Restore Process"
  • Documented "Escalation Process" regarding disaster recovery
  • Contact names and phone numbers responsible for backup/restore
  • Periodic verification of both the backup and restore process

Work with your local Domino server administrator and IT support team to define, implement, and verify disaster recovery procedures.


If you cannot determine the disaster recovery process for the Domino server and database, consider periodically burning a local copy of the database to CD or DVD media.

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