Application security is managed through the Access Control List (ACL) and "roles". To define access permissions, select the File > Database > Access Control menu options. By default, the Basics tab should be active. Click on the -Default- user in the center of the screen. Change the access field (right side) to Author. This will allow anyone to edit documents in the database using the Lotus Notes client.

You will also need to configure the access permission to allow users to access the database from a Web browser. There are three options availableallow anyone to access the Web page, require users to log in using Domino authentication, or require users to log in using Windows NT authentication.

Anonymous Access

To allow any user to access the application from a Web browser, a special user called "Anonymous" must be added to the ACL. It's important to note that some companies might not allow anonymous access to be included in the database ACL. To implement, click the Add button and specify Anonymous when prompted. Set the access level to Editor and click OK to save the settings.

Domino Authentication

To force users to log in, you need to implement either Domino or Windows authentication. Domino authentication can be established by creating a "Person" document in the Notes Address Book (NAB) for each person. Be sure to specify a password in the Internet Password field. You will also need to remove the "Anonymous" user from the ACL to force authentication.

Windows NT Authentication

Windows NT authentication can also be used to log in to the Web page. This setup is documented in the Domino Server Administration guide. You will need to work with the Domino administrator to configure this option. Remember to remove the "Anonymous" user from the ACL to force authentication.

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