How to Enforce Consistent ACL Settings Across Replicas

The ACL includes a key setting called Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas. This setting is found on the Advanced tab and ensures that the ACL for the replica database always matches that of the server. When implemented, the ACL settings across all database replicas are synchronized. This ensures that all settings are identical across the various database instances and, depending on the ACL settings, can prevent users from making changes to the data as well as the ACL on a local copy.

To implement this feature, locate the database on the server and select the File > Database > Access Control menu options. Switch to the Advanced tab (see Figure 19.11). Select the option located in the middle of the dialog and click OK to implement the feature.

Figure 19.11. Enforce consistent ACL settings across replicas


The Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas feature can be enabled or disabled at any time by a person with Manager level authority to the database. Also note this feature must be enabled in order for roles to work on local replicas.

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