Domino Design Elements

Chapter Overview

By now you should understand how to launch the Domino Designer client and be able to navigate through the design panes. Next, we'll build on this knowledge and take a closer look at the building blocks of a Notes database. We'll explore the various design elements, their related objects, and the basic instructions for building these items.

By the end of the chapter you will have learned

  • The basic building blocks of a Notes database
  • How to create each design element
  • How to set object attributes using the properties dialog
  • How to name design elements
  • How to create a form to enter and store data
  • How to present data using views
  • How to customize the user interface using outlines, framesets, pages, and navigators
  • How to automate tasks using buttons and agents
  • How to automate tasks based on event triggers

As you read through the chapter, you'll notice that the presentation order of the design elements varies slightly from the order displayed in the Designer client. As you develop applications, you'll find that forms and views are the most common design elements in most Lotus Notes database applications. As such, these design elements have been moved to the front of the chapter.

Given the size and detail level provided in this chapter, you might find it easier to skim through the chapter and refer back to it on a regular basis as you work through the projects and enhancements later in the book.

An Introduction to the Lotus Domino Tool Suite

Getting Started with Designer

Navigating the Domino Designer Workspace

Domino Design Elements

An Introduction to Formula Language

An Introduction to LotusScript

Fundamentals of a Notes Application

Calendar Applications

Collaborative Applications

Reference Library Applications

Workflow Applications

Web Applications

Design Enhancements Using LotusScript

Design Enhancements Using Formula Language

View Enhancements

Sample Agents

Miscellaneous Enhancements and Tips for Domino Databases

Data Management


Application Deployment and Maintenance


Appendix A. Online Project Files and Sample Applications

Appendix B. IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Domino®Whats Next?

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