Appendix B. Preparing Your System for Knoppix-std

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Congratulations on your decision to explore the copy of Linux that has been included with this book. This a CD bootable version of Linux that has been stored as an ISO file. An ISO file is a complete version of a CD. This version of Linux can be booted from a CD which makes it a great way to learn more about the tools discussed in the book. No installation to your hard drive is required.

To convert and use the ISO file on this CD-ROM to a CD that can be booted in your computer, you will need:

  • a CD or DVD writer
  • a blank CD-ROM or CD-RW
  • a burning program capable of burning an ISO file onto a CD
  • the capability of changing your computer BIOS to boot from CD-ROM.

There are a variety of Windows programs that will convert an ISO into a bootable CD-ROM, including: Nero Ultra Edition, ISO Recorder Power Toy, and Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite. If you have access to a Mac OS X or Unix/Unix-like workstation, these tools already exist in the base operating system.


While Windows XP has a built-in CD burning program, it will not convert the ISO to a bootable CD. You can download and install the ISO Recorder Power Toy (listed above) which will "activate" the capability in Windows XP.

  1. If you have a computer with only one CD/DVD reader/writer, you will need to copy knoppix-std-0.1.iso onto your hard drive before burning to a blank CD. Otherwise you can burn from the image from the CD-ROM.
  2. Regardless of which tool you use, open your application and select Burn Image to CD-ROM. When prompted for the image, select knoppix-std-0.1.iso. If you are asked to burn as Disc at Once or Track at Once, choose Burn at Once.
  3. When you are done burning the CD, restart your computer, keeping your burned CDROM in the CD drive. You may have to change the boot order of your drives to allow your computer to boot off the CD. You can typically get into your BIOS options by hitting the F2 or DEL key during boot up. Once you have your computer set up to boot from the CD drive, continue booting or restart your computer.
  4. Start Knoppix-STD and get familiar with some of the security tools discussed in this book.

While not recommended, you can permanently install this version of Linux on your hard drive. Two scripts found on the ISO can be used to accomplish this, knx-hdinstall and knoppix-installer. Please review the Knoppix website at for more detailed information.



Part I: Exam Preparation

The Business Aspects of Penetration Testing

The Technical Foundations of Hacking

Footprinting and Scanning

Enumeration and System Hacking

Linux and Automated Security Assessment Tools

Trojans and Backdoors

Sniffers, Session Hijacking, and Denial of Service

Web Server Hacking, Web Applications, and Database Attacks

Wireless Technologies, Security, and Attacks

IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

Buffer Overflows, Viruses, and Worms

Cryptographic Attacks and Defenses

Physical Security and Social Engineering

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Appendix A. Using the ExamGear Special Edition Software

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