Replace an Element in an Array

This function will substitute a single element in an array with a replacement value.

How It Works

The loop counter variable called i is initialized to zero. The function then loops through each element in the search array and compares the current element to the target value. If the element is found, the element value is replaced with the new value. All values are stored in a temporary array called ReturnArray, which is subsequently returned to the calling code.


To implement this technique, add the following to a LotusScript library. Three values must be passed to this functionan array of values, the search value, and the replacement value.

Function ReplaceElement ( varFromList As Variant, varTarget As Variant,
varReplacement As Variant) As Variant

 Redim ReturnArray(0) As Variant
 Dim i As Integer
 i = 0

 Forall varElement In varFromList
 Redim Preserve ReturnArray (i) As Variant
 If varElement = varTarget Then
 ReturnArray(i) = varReplacement
 ReturnArray(i) = varElement
 End If
 i = i + 1
 End Forall

 ReplaceElement = ReturnArray

End Function

The following illustrates how this function could be called from an action button. In this example, team member Tom is replaced with team member Tammy (see Figure 13.1). The updated array is subsequently returned assigned to the newTeam array.

Sub Click(Source As Button)

 Dim newTeam As Variant
 Dim theTeam (0 To 2) As String
 theTeam (0) = "Tom"
 theTeam (1) = "Henry"
 theTeam (2) = "Mark"
 Msgbox Implode( theTeam, ", " ), , "Old Team"
 newTeam = ReplaceElement ( theTeam, "Tom", "Tammy" )
 Msgbox Implode ( newTeam, ", "), , "New Team"

End Sub

Figure 13.1. Replace an element in an array

Remember to include the Use LIBRARY statement in the calling design element if the function is stored in a LotusScript library.


The ArrayReplace function could also be used to achieve a similar result. Refer to the Domino Designer help for additional information pertaining to this function.

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