Hiding a Database Design

This section steps you through the process to hide the database design. Be sure you thoroughly understand how to create and use database templates to manage design changes before proceeding with this approach.


After a database design has been hidden, it cannot be unhidden. All Formula Language statements are encrypted. All LotusScript is compiled and removed from the databases. So be sure to create a template of the database before hiding the design. This will enable you to make changes to the code at a later point in time. Otherwise, there is no way to change or see the code associated with the database.

Step 1.

Create a database template for the current database. See "Creating a Database Template" in Chapter 20, "Application Deployment and Maintenance," for additional information.

Step 2.

After the database template has been created, select the File > Database > Replace Design menu options for the existing database.

Step 3.

Select the design template created in the previous step and choose the Hide formulas and LotusScript option from the dialog window (see Figure 19.18).

Figure 19.18. Database property to hide formulas and LotusScript

Step 4.

Click the Replace button to continue with the process. When prompted, click Yes to confirm the transaction. This will hide the code. Going forward, all changes should be made in the database template and applied to this database.

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