The dialbyextension.aef Script

The dialbyextension.aef script allows a caller to

  • Dial the extension (the get digit string step in the script shown in the next section) of the employee he or she wants to contact
  • Transfer the call to the selected extension (the call redirect step in the script)

Figure B-6 shows a GUI view of the main portion of the script. The full text and variable definitions for the dialbyextension.aef script are given in the next section.

Figure B-6. The dialbyextension.aef Script


Script Content

Example B-3 is a text representation of the script contents.

Example B-66. The dialbyextension.aef Script

 Get Digit String(contact: --Triggering Contact--, result digit string: extension) 
 Create Generated Prompt(telephone.number type, store in spelledprompt)
 Implicit Confirmation (contact: --Triggering Contact--)
 Goto tryagain
 Call Redirect (contact: --Triggering Contact--, extension: extension) 
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: extbusy)
 Goto Terminate
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: invalidext)
 Decrement again
 If ( again == 0 ) Then
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, problems)
 Goto Terminate
 Goto tryagain
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: invalidext)
 Goto Terminate
 Set Contact Info (contact: --Triggering Contact--)
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: problems)
 Goto Terminate
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: problems)
 Goto Terminate
Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: goodbye)
Terminate (contact: --Triggering Contact--)
Set Contact Info (contact: --Triggering Contact--)



The variables defined in the dialbyextension.aef script are shown in Figure B-7.

Figure B-7. Variables of the dialbyextension.aef Script

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Appendix C. Cisco Unity Express Database Schema


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