The main.aef Script

Table of contents:

The main.aef script does the following:

  • Answers the incoming call (the accept step in the script shown in the next section)
  • Checks for business hours and business days (the day of week and time of day steps in the script)
  • Provides the normal welcome greeting if it is during business hours (the menu step following the weekdays label)
  • Branches to a subflow (a separate script file called dialbyextension.aef) if the caller selects 1 for dial-by-extension (the call subflow to dialbyextension.aef step)
  • Branches to a subflow (a separate script file called dialbyname.aef) if the caller selects 2 for dial-by-name (the call subflow to dialbyname.aef step)
  • Transfers the caller to the operator (which is a variable) if he or she selects 0 (the Call Redirect step)
  • Handles various error conditions

Figure B-1 shows a graphical user interface (GUI) view of the first page of the script, which maps to approximately the top 30 lines of the text representation of the script. Figure B-2 shows the second page, which maps to approximately the last 30 lines of the text representation of the script. The full text and variable definitions of the main.aef script are given in the next section.

Figure B-1. First Page of the main.aef Script

Figure B-2. Second Page of the main.aef Script


Script Content

Example B-1 is a text representation of the main.aef script contents.

Example B-64. main.aef Script

/* New AA attendant */
 Accept (contact: --Triggering Contact--) 
Get Contact Info (contact: --Triggering Contact--)
 Day of Week 
 Time of Day 
 work hours
 Goto Weekdays
 The Rest
 Goto afterhours
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: weekend)
 Set state = "terminate"
 Goto Doswitch
 Menu (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: menuprompt) 
 Call Subflow -- dialbyextension.aef 
 Call Subflow -- dialbyname.aef 
 Set state = "operator"
 Goto Doswitch
 Set state = "problems"
 Goto Doswitch
 Set state = "operator"
 Goto Doswitch
Goto Weekdays
Switch String ( state )
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: problem)
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: transfer2oper
 Call Redirect (contact: --Triggering Contact--, extension: operator 
 Set condition = true
 Set condition = false
 Set Contact Info (contact: --Triggering Contact--)
 Create Conditional Prompt (store in operbusy)
 Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: operbusy)
Delay 1 sec
Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: goodbye)
On Exception(UndefinedPromptException) Goto noprompttest
Play Prompt (contact: --Triggering Contact--, prompt: noprompt)
Clear Exception(UndefinedPromptException)
Terminate (contact: --Triggering Contact--)
Set Contact Info (contact: --Triggering Contact--)



The variables defined in the main.aef script are shown in Figure B-3.

Figure B-3. Variables of the main.aef Script

The dialbyname aef Script

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