The Cisco 7914 Expansion Module

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The Cisco 7914 Expansion Module is an add-on device that attaches to the Cisco 7960G IP Phone to increase the number of line buttons. Figure 4-3 shows a Cisco 7914 Expansion Module attached to a Cisco 7960G IP Phone.

Figure 4-3. Cisco 7960G with a 7914 Add-on Module



The Cisco 7914 expansion module has 14 buttons and a single-line LCD screen for each button. Each module adds 14 lines to the Cisco 7960G host phone that it is attached to. You can add a maximum of two expansion modules to a Cisco 7960G IP Phone and, thus, increase the phone's total lines to 34.

A separate 48V DC power supply is required for the Cisco 7914 module. Inline power from an Ethernet switch cannot provide power to a Cisco 7914 module. An RS-232 cable provides the communication link between the Cisco 7914 module and the Cisco 7960G IP Phone. The buttons are lit amber, red, or green, depending on the state of the line associated with the button.

Configuring the Cisco 7914 Expansion Module

You can configure the 14 lines on the Cisco 7914 module as individual lines, speed dials, intercom, or monitored lines. The Cisco 7914 module is not configured as a separate device under Cisco CME; hence, it doesn't require the network parameter configuration required for other IP phones.

The Cisco 7914 module does, however, require firmware for its operation. The firmware for the module depends on the version of Cisco CME you are using. It should be configured under the telephony-service configuration prompt using the load command. The buttons are considered a continuation of the buttons on the Cisco 7960G IP Phone to which it is attached. Hence, the first button on a Cisco 7914 is configured as the seventh button on the Cisco 7960G IP Phone, and the 14th button of the Cisco 7914 is configured as the 20th button. Example 4.2 shows a typical configuration for a Cisco 7960G IP Phone with a Cisco 7914 module attached.

Example 4.2. Cisco 7914 Configuration

Router#show running-config
max-dn 10
max-ephone 10
ip source address port 2000
load 7940-60 P00303020214
load 7914 OSX001124351 
create-cnf file
ephone-dn 1
 number 1001
ephone-dn 2
 number 1002
ephone-dn 7
 number 1007
ephone-dn 8
 number 1008
ephone 1
 mac-address 1111.2222.3333
 add-on 1 7914 
 button 1:1 2:2 3:3 4:4 5:5 6:6 7:7 8:8
 speed dial 1 2001
 speed dial 2 2002

With the configuration in Example 4.1, the first and second buttons of the Cisco 7914 have the extension number 1007 and 1008, respectively. The third and fourth buttons have the speed dials 2001 and 2002, respectively.

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