As with other programming languages, LotusScript employs a number of operators. These operators are used in mathematical equations and to compare data expressions. Some of the more common operators include the following.






Used to sum numbers.



Used to subtract numbers.



Used to multiply numbers.



Used to divide numbers.



Used to merge string values together.



Used to merge values together. All values are automatically converted to string and then merged.

Line Continuation


The underscore character indicates that a statement continues, or spans, to the next line.



Used to compare two values. For example, if today equals "Tuesday" then perform an action.



Used to assign a value to a variable. For example, Operator set a text string to a specific valuesuch as "Your document has been saved."

Less Than


Used to compare two values.

Greater Than


Used to compare two values.

Not Equal


Used to compare two values.

Not Equal


Used to compare two values.


In LotusScript, the equal sign = is used as the assignment operator. This differs from the Formula Language syntax, which uses the colon and equal sign := to assign values to variables.

An Introduction to the Lotus Domino Tool Suite

Getting Started with Designer

Navigating the Domino Designer Workspace

Domino Design Elements

An Introduction to Formula Language

An Introduction to LotusScript

Fundamentals of a Notes Application

Calendar Applications

Collaborative Applications

Reference Library Applications

Workflow Applications

Web Applications

Design Enhancements Using LotusScript

Design Enhancements Using Formula Language

View Enhancements

Sample Agents

Miscellaneous Enhancements and Tips for Domino Databases

Data Management


Application Deployment and Maintenance


Appendix A. Online Project Files and Sample Applications

Appendix B. IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Domino®Whats Next?

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