Working with Lists

The following are common functions used to manage a list of values.

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Counts the number of items in a list and returns a number. Syntax:

@Elements ( list );

listA list of elements.


Result: 3


Converts a text string into a list of elements. You can optionally specify a string delimiter. If a string delimiter is not specified, the function will default to a space, semicolon, or comma. Syntax:

@Explode ( string );
@Explode ( string; delimiter);

stringA string of text values.

delimiterAn optional text string separator.

Data:="April May June";
@Explode (Data;" ");

Result: "April": "May": "June"


Converts a list of elements into a single text string. Optionally, you can specify a string delimiter. Syntax:

@Implode (list);
@Implode (list; delimiter);

lista list of elements.

delimiteran optional text string separator.

Data:= "April": "May":
@Implode (Data;" ");

Result: "April May June"


Searches for a value within a text string. Returns a numeric 1 if found and 0 if not found. Syntax:

@IsMember (string; list);

stringThe search string.

listA list of elements.

Data:= "April": "May": "June";
@IsMember ("April"; Data);

Result: 1


Searches a list for an element. If the element is found, it is replaced with the new element.

@Replace (searchlist; oldlist; newlist);

searchlistThe list of elements to be searched.

oldlistThe list of value(s) to be replaced.

newlistThe new list of replacement value(s)

Data:= "April": "Dec":
@Replace (Data; "Dec";
Result: "April": "May":


Returns the value specified in the n-th number position. If the number specified is greater than the total values, then the last value is returned. Syntax:

@Select (number; value1; value2; valueN);

numberItem number to select.

value1First value.

value2Second value.

valueNLast value.

@Select(3; "April";
 "May"; "June")

Result: "June"


Selects the word specified in the n-th number position. Words are determined based on the string delimiter. Syntax:

@Word (string; delimiter; number);

stringThe string to be searched.

delimiterThe value used to separate "words."

numberThe word to select from the search string.

@Word (Data; "~"; 3);

Result: "June"

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