Working with Folders

Folders are used to store documents and look exactly like views. However, views display or contain documents based on a selection formula or query. Folders, on the other hand, enable users to move documents into them as a storage location for related information.


Use folders to group related documents. Let's say you have three projects currently being managed. Using folders, you could create a separate folder for each projectProject A, B, and C.


It's important to understand that documents placed in a folder are not "moved" out of the view and into the folder. There is only one copy of the document, and the folder stores a reference to that document. If you delete the document from the view, it's deleted from all folders as well.


Creating a Folder

Follow these instructions to create a folder.


Select the Create > Design > Folder menu options, and a new folder will be created. Alternatively, navigate to the Folder section of the Design pane and click New Folder. Be sure to specify a meaningful primary name and alias name.


Specify a folder name. In most cases, you'll want to keep the Folder type as Shared. This will enable the general user community to access the folder. To create a folder that only you can access, change this value to Private.


Next, you can elect to create a blank folder or base the design on an existing folder in the database. If you have specified a default folder, it will be displayed in the Copy style from view field. Otherwise, the field value will be set to -Blank-. To change this value, click the Copy From button and select a new option.


Click OK to create the folder.

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