Working with Pages

Pages are used to display information in a way that is similar to how Web pages look. However, pages can be used in both a Notes and Web application. Pages can be used to display company information or graphics or to provide links to other applications or Web sites. Using this design element, you can create sophisticated Web pages without having to write HTML source code.


As with most application development tools, there are many ways to build a Web page using the Lotus Domino Designer. In addition to pages, you can also use forms, HTML, JavaScript, and other related technologies to build a Web application or Web page.


Creating a Page

Follow these instructions to create a page.


Select the Create > Design > Page menu options, and a new page will be created. Alternatively, navigate to the Page section of the Design pane and click New Page.


Next, define the layout of the page by adding text, buttons, images, sections, and other design elements (described later in this chapter).


The first time you save the page, you'll be prompted to specify a page name. Be sure to specify a meaningful primary name and alias name.

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Appendix A. Online Project Files and Sample Applications

Appendix B. IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Domino®Whats Next?

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