Using Quartz Remotely

When running Quartz as a stand-alone application, access to the Scheduler is limited outside the JVM. As with any other J2SE application, there's no way to access objects within the JVM without using some alternative mechanism.

Fortunately, several techniques (or mechanisms) enable you to do this. The Quartz framework nicely supports one of those mechanisms, Remote Method Invocation (RMI). This chapter focuses on deploying Quartz as an RMI server so that you can access the Scheduler from outside the JVM. Several benefits arise from being able to do this, all of which are discussed in this chapter.

Scheduling in the Enterprise

Getting Started with Quartz

Hello, Quartz

Scheduling Jobs

Cron Triggers and More

JobStores and Persistence

Implementing Quartz Listeners

Using Quartz Plug-Ins

Using Quartz Remotely

Using Quartz with J2EE

Clustering Quartz

Quartz Cookbook

Quartz and Web Applications

Using Quartz with Workflow

Appendix A. Quartz Configuration Reference

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