Using the J2EE Containers DataSource

Using the J2EE Container s DataSource

We have purposely not talked about JobStores or DataSources up to this point. In Chapter 6, "JobStores and Persistence," you learned that you can store your job information within memory, or, if you need job persistence between application restarts, you can store the job information within a relational database. Two types of JDBC JobStores exist:

  • JobStoreTX Manages its own transactions during persistence operations
  • JobStoreCMT Supports container-managed transactions (CMT) during persistence operations

If you are using a J2EE container and one of the two types of JDBC JobStores, then you will want to use the container's DataSource as well. Refer back to Chapter 6 for how to set up the file when using JDBC JobStores within a J2EE container.

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Appendix A. Quartz Configuration Reference

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