Why RMI with Quartz?

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Imagine that you need to build a job Scheduler that receives dynamic job scheduling from various client applications. In this case, a single self-contained Quartz Scheduler will not work because these client applications need a way to talk to the Scheduler from within their own address space or JVM. In this case, using something such as RMI is the only way to solve this problem.

With RMI, objects that run in one address space (or JVM) are free to call objects running in other JVMs. This expands the Quartz toolkit and makes the framework more beneficial.

Brief Overview of Java RMI

Scheduling in the Enterprise

Getting Started with Quartz

Hello, Quartz

Scheduling Jobs

Cron Triggers and More

JobStores and Persistence

Implementing Quartz Listeners

Using Quartz Plug-Ins

Using Quartz Remotely

Using Quartz with J2EE

Clustering Quartz

Quartz Cookbook

Quartz and Web Applications

Using Quartz with Workflow

Appendix A. Quartz Configuration Reference

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