Applying Thread Pools

Chapter 6 introduced the task execution framework, which simplifies management of task and thread lifecycles and provides a simple and flexible means for decoupling task submission from execution policy. Chapter 7 covered some of the messy details of service lifecycle that arise from using the task execution framework in real applications. This chapter looks at advanced options for configuring and tuning thread pools, describes hazards to watch for when using the task execution framework, and offers some more advanced examples of using Executor.

Implicit Couplings Between Tasks and Execution Policies


Part I: Fundamentals

Thread Safety

Sharing Objects

Composing Objects

Building Blocks

Part II: Structuring Concurrent Applications

Task Execution

Cancellation and Shutdown

Applying Thread Pools

GUI Applications

Part III: Liveness, Performance, and Testing

Avoiding Liveness Hazards

Performance and Scalability

Testing Concurrent Programs

Part IV: Advanced Topics

Explicit Locks

Building Custom Synchronizers

Atomic Variables and Nonblocking Synchronization

The Java Memory Model

Java Concurrency in Practice
Java Concurrency in Practice
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