Configuring Quartz Listeners

Configuring Quartz listeners in the properties file involves specifying a name, the class name, and any other properties to be set on the instance. The listener class must have a no-arg constructor; the properties will be set reflectively. Only primitive data type values (including Strings) are supported.

Configuring a JobListener

To configure a JobListener, you must specify the class that implements the listener interface:

org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.class =

NAME can be any name that you want to provide for the listener but should match the value returned from the getName() call to the class. You can provide properties for the listener that will be set reflectively:

org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.propName = propValue
org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.prop2Name = prop2Value

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Appendix A. Quartz Configuration Reference

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