Broadband Access Alternatives

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Whereas Chapter 2, "Traditional Transmission Media," discusses each of the traditional transmission media types, this chapter focuses on the important aspects of and considerations in deploying the media types associated with broadband access. It primarily explores wired broadband solutions, including the growing xDSL family, cable TV networks, a variety of fiber alternatives, and broadband powerline telecommunications (PLT). This chapter also briefly discusses the wireless options, to put them into context; however, given the growing importance of wireless communications and mobility, not to mention the myriad technologies and systems that are emerging, Part IV, "Wireless Communications," is devoted to those technologies, including detailed discussion of wireless broadband access in Chapter 14, "Wireless WANs," and Chapter 15, "WMANs, WLANs, and WPANs." Because broadband doesn't stop at the curb, this chapter also examines the options available for the deployment of home area networks (HANs), which bring broadband deep into the premises.

Drivers of Broadband Access

Part I: Communications Fundamentals

Telecommunications Technology Fundamentals

Traditional Transmission Media

Establishing Communications Channels


Part II: Data Networking and the Internet

Data Communications Basics

Local Area Networking

Wide Area Networking

The Internet and IP Infrastructures

Part III: The New Generation of Networks

IP Services

Next-Generation Networks

Optical Networking

Broadband Access Alternatives

Part IV: Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications Basics

Wireless WANs


Emerging Wireless Applications


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