Establishing Communications Channels

This chapter discusses the key definitions and characteristics associated with establishing communications channels. It covers networking modes and switching modes, including the differences between routing and switching. It also covers the details of circuit switching and its particular applications, where it shines, and where it has fallen short in the past. This chapter also looks at packet switchingwhy it has become such a darling in recent years, what its potential prospects are, and what challenges it faces in the future. The chapter ends with a quick comparison between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the Internet.

Part I: Communications Fundamentals

Telecommunications Technology Fundamentals

Traditional Transmission Media

Establishing Communications Channels


Part II: Data Networking and the Internet

Data Communications Basics

Local Area Networking

Wide Area Networking

The Internet and IP Infrastructures

Part III: The New Generation of Networks

IP Services

Next-Generation Networks

Optical Networking

Broadband Access Alternatives

Part IV: Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications Basics

Wireless WANs


Emerging Wireless Applications


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