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This chapter talks about the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It discusses what comprises the PSTN, what sorts of technologies have been used to complete the connections, how the signaling systems operate, and the typical components and transmission capacities of the basic backbone architecture. This chapter also discusses what intelligent networks (INs) provide in terms of service logic and feature availability. Finally, this chapter describes some of the trends in the evolution of the PSTN that will support the new generation of applications.

The PSTN Infrastructure

Part I: Communications Fundamentals

Telecommunications Technology Fundamentals

Traditional Transmission Media

Establishing Communications Channels


Part II: Data Networking and the Internet

Data Communications Basics

Local Area Networking

Wide Area Networking

The Internet and IP Infrastructures

Part III: The New Generation of Networks

IP Services

Next-Generation Networks

Optical Networking

Broadband Access Alternatives

Part IV: Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications Basics

Wireless WANs


Emerging Wireless Applications


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