Optical Networking

The recent inventions and developments in optical networking will no doubt yield a new, radical perspective on communications. We are beginning to see some exciting applications being developed as a result of the bandwidth that we are unleashing. This chapter discusses end-to-end optical networking, the optical edge, the optical core (and the overlay and peer-to-peer networking models), the IP+optical control plane, and the migration to optical networking.

Optical Networking Today and Tomorrow

Part I: Communications Fundamentals

Telecommunications Technology Fundamentals

Traditional Transmission Media

Establishing Communications Channels


Part II: Data Networking and the Internet

Data Communications Basics

Local Area Networking

Wide Area Networking

The Internet and IP Infrastructures

Part III: The New Generation of Networks

IP Services

Next-Generation Networks

Optical Networking

Broadband Access Alternatives

Part IV: Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications Basics

Wireless WANs


Emerging Wireless Applications


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