Appendix B. Standard Headers

Table of contents:

This book uses a small subset of the Standard Template Library (STL; also called the Standard Library). The standard header files we use are all listed here.

To use these classes and functions effectively, it is useful to know where to look for documentation.

Table B.1 lists standard header files. For some header files, there is a man page for the whole file. In other cases, you might find a man page for the individual function also.

Table B.1. Standard headers

Header file


Man pages




STL strings type



stringstream, for writing to strings as if they are streams



C++ standard stream library

std::ios, std::iostream


C++ memory-related routines

std::bad_alloc, std::auto_ptr

C Standard Library


cstring, string.h

functions for C char* strings

string, strcpy, strcmp

cstdlib, stdlib.h

c Standard Library

random, srandom, getenv, setenv

cstdio, stdio.h

standard input/output

stdin, stdout, printf, scanf


assert macros


If you are using Microsoft Developers Studio, the documentation for the standard libraries comes with the MSDN documentation.

For open-source platforms, it helps to have one but you don need a local copy of man or the man pages since there are many copies of the documentation[1] available on the Web.

[1] For examples, see [] or Dinkumware [].

By default, the C++ Standard Library documentation might not be installed on your system. Search for the string libstdc with your favorite package manager, so you can install something like libstdc++5-3. 3-doc or libstdc++6-4.0-doc.

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