Section C.4. Qt Assistant and Designer

Qt comes with two developers tools: assistant and designer.

Assistant is an extensible help browser, similar to a Web browser, but it supports various built-in search and index capabilities.

Designer not only showcases most of Qts widgets, it also permits you to create and lay out customized dialogs and widgets. After you are finished designing your UI, Designer can write the following files for you:


An xml file that represents a tree of objects and properties. uic, or the "UI compiler," comes with Qt and generates C++ code from this xml file. uic gets run automatically from make, because qmake generates a Makefile that runs uic on all .ui files in the project.

Designer can open and manipulate qmake project files, adding forms to the projects.


C++ source code that is meant to be inserted into generated code by uic.

Qt Assistant provides tutorials for using the latest version of Qt Designer.

Part I: Introduction to C++ and Qt 4

C++ Introduction


Introduction to Qt



Inheritance and Polymorphism

Part II: Higher-Level Programming


Introduction to Design Patterns


Generics and Containers

Qt GUI Widgets


Validation and Regular Expressions

Parsing XML

Meta Objects, Properties, and Reflective Programming

More Design Patterns

Models and Views

Qt SQL Classes

Part III: C++ Language Reference

Types and Expressions

Scope and Storage Class

Statements and Control Structures

Memory Access

Chapter Summary

Inheritance in Detail

Miscellaneous Topics

Part IV: Programming Assignments

MP3 Jukebox Assignments

Part V: Appendices

MP3 Jukebox Assignments


MP3 Jukebox Assignments

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