Edit Form View for FileTagger

Whenever an MP3 song is selected, we want to be able to execute an action on it: edit tag. This choice should go in context menus for all playlist views, as well as in the MP3 pull-down menu.

Write a form view for FileTagger, called Mp3TagForm, that provides the user with editable, viewable information about all of the songs properties. We need action buttons as follows:

  • Ok Perform a commit() on the FileTagger (which stores changes to the actual id3tag in your MP3 file) and return to main screen (hide form).
  • Reload Discard changes and reload tag info.
  • Cancel Discard changes and return to main screen (hide form).
  • Play Play the track.

When editing a song, it should use a QLineEdit for each QString field and a QComboBox for the preference values. Keep in mind that the URL, filename, and track length are non-editable fields. Finally, you can use Designer or hand-code your dialog.

Part I: Introduction to C++ and Qt 4

C++ Introduction


Introduction to Qt



Inheritance and Polymorphism

Part II: Higher-Level Programming


Introduction to Design Patterns


Generics and Containers

Qt GUI Widgets


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Parsing XML

Meta Objects, Properties, and Reflective Programming

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Qt SQL Classes

Part III: C++ Language Reference

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Scope and Storage Class

Statements and Control Structures

Memory Access

Chapter Summary

Inheritance in Detail

Miscellaneous Topics

Part IV: Programming Assignments

MP3 Jukebox Assignments

Part V: Appendices

MP3 Jukebox Assignments


MP3 Jukebox Assignments

An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4
An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4
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