Command Reference



Router(config)#ip cef [distributed]

Enables CEF operation. Use the distributed keyword for distributed switching platforms in which line cards maintain an identical copy of the FIB and adjacency tables. The line cards perform the forwarding function between port adapters, relieving the route processor of involvement in the switching operation.

Router(config-if)#ip route-cache cef

Enables CEF on the interface.

Router(config-if)#mpls ip

Enables MPLS forwarding on the interface.

Router(config)#router ospf process-id

Router(config-router)#network ip-address wild-card mask area area-id

Router(config-router)#no auto-summary

OSPF IGP configuration.

Router(config)#router isis process-id

Router(config-router)#net network-entity-title

Router(config)#interface type number

Router(config-if)#ip router isis process-id

ISIS IGP configuration.

Router(config)#mpls label protocol {ldp | tdp}

Router(config-if)#mpls label protocol {ldp | tdp}

Enables the preferred label distribution protocol as either TDP or LDP on the chassis or per interface.

Router(config)#no mpls ip propagate-ttl [forwarded | local]

Disables IP to label TTL mapping when a packet enters an MPLS-enabled domain.

Router(config)#mpls ldp router-id {interface | ip-address} [force]

Configuring the IP address or a specific interface as the router ID for the label distribution protocol. Use the force keyword for the configuration to take effect on a router to override earlier router ID selection or configuration.

Router(config)#mpls label range min-label-value max-label-value [static min-label-value max-label-value]

Defining label range.

Router(config-if)#mpls mtu bytes

Defining the MPLS MTU per interface.

Router(config)#interface atm number.sub-interface-number mpls

Configuring a tag-switching subinterface on an Edge ATM LSR for cell-mode MPLS label forwarding.

Router(config-subif)# mpls atm control-vc vpi-value vci-value

Configuring the control-vc parameters for protocol information exchange (control plane). Default value for control-vc is VPI/VCI of 0/32.

Router(config-subif)# mpls atm vpi start-vpi-value [-vci-value]

Configuring MPLS ATM VPI range (default: 1-1).

Router(config)#mpls atm ldp vc-merge

Enabling VC-merge on ATM LSR.

Router(config)#tag-switching atm maxhops value

Sets maximum hops for bindings from ATM cell-mode domain.

Router(config)#mpls atm vp-tunnel vpi-value [vci-value-range]

Identifies the subinterface as a VP tunnel with specified VPI values.

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