Outbound Route Filters

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Command Reference



Router(config)#router bgp as-number

Configures the BGP routing process.

Router(config-router)#neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} remote-as as-number

Specifies a remote BGP neighbor to establish a BGP session.

Router(config-router)#neighbor {ip-address | ipv6-address | peer-group-name} update-source interface-type interface-number

Allows the BGP sessions to use any operational interface for TCP connections. The loopback interface is used frequently.

Router(config-router)#address-family vpnv4 [unicast]

Places the router in address family configuration mode, from which you can configure routing sessions that use VPN Version 4 address prefixes.

Router(config-router-af)#neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name | ipv6-address} activate

Enables the exchange of information with a BGP neighboring router.

Router(config)#neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} next-hop-self

Configures the router as the next hop for a BGP-speaking neighbor or peer group.

Router#show ip bgp neighbors [neighbor-address] [received-routes | routes | advertised-routes | {paths regexp} | dampened-routes | received prefix-filter]

Displays information about the TCP and BGP connections to neighbors.

Router#show ip bgp summary

Displays the status of all BGP connections.

Router(config)#ip vrf vrf-name

Configures a VPN routing/forwarding instance (VRF) routing table.

Router(config-vrf)#rd route-distinguisher

Creates routing and forwarding tables for a VPN VRF.

Router(config-vrf)#route-target {import | export | both} route-target-ext-community

Creates a route target extended community for a VPN VRF. route-target-ext-community adds the route target extended community attributes to the VRF's list of import, export, or both (import and export) route target extended communities.

Router(config-if)#ip vrf forwarding vrf-name

Associates a VRF with an interface or subinterface.

Router#show ip vrf [brief | detail | interfaces | id] [vrf-name] [output-modifiers]

Displays the set of defined VPN VRFs and associated interfaces.

Router(config-router-af)#neighbor ip-address capability orf prefix-list [receive | send | both]
Router(config-router)# neighbor ip-address capability orf prefix-list [receive | send | both]

Enables the ORF capability to be sent as part of BGP open message and route-refresh messages to configured neighbors.

Router(config-router-af)# neighbor ip-address prefix-list prefix-list-name [in | out]
Router(config-router)# neighbor ip-address prefix-list prefix-list-name [in | out]

Associates a prefix list to a configured BGP neighbor.

Router(config)# ip prefix-list list-name [seq seq-value] {deny network/length | permit network/length}[ge ge-value] [le le-value]

Creates a prefix list with configured entries in which len < ge-value < le-value <= 32.

Router#show ip bgp vpnv4 {all | rd route-distinguisher | vrf vrf-name} [rib-failure] [ip-prefix/length [longer-prefixes] [output-modifiers]] [network-address [mask] [longer-prefixes] [output-modifiers]] [cidr-only] [community] [community-list] [dampened-paths] [filter-list] [flap-statistics] [inconsistent-as] [neighbors] [paths [line]] [peer-group] [quote-regexp] [regexp] [summary] [labels]

Displays VPN address information from the BGP table.

MPLS Overview

Basic MPLS Configuration

Basic MPLS VPN Overview and Configuration

PE-CE Routing Protocol-Static and RIP

PE-CE Routing Protocol-OSPF and EIGRP

Implementing BGP in MPLS VPNs

Inter-Provider VPNs

Carrier Supporting Carriers

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Implementing VPNs with Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3

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Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

Implementing Quality of Service in MPLS Networks

MPLS Features and Case Studies

MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
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