Case Study 10: BGP Site of Origin

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Command Reference



Router(config)#ip multicast-routing vrf vrf_name

Enables multicast routing functionality on a per-VRF basis.

Router(config-vrf)#mdt default group-address

Configures the default MDT group-address for the mVPN multicast multipoint tunnel.

Router(config-vrf)#mdt data group-address wildcard-bits-defining-range {threshold threshold-in-kbps [list access-list-number] | list access-list-number}

Defines the data MDT group-address range for the mVPN, as well as the threshold values defining the groups that will associate with the data MDT.

Router(config-if)#ip pim {sparse-mode | dense-mode | sparse-dense-mode}

Enables PIM on the interface.

Router(config)#ip pim ssm default

Enables SSM on the router.

Router(config-router)#capability vrf-lite

Configures the CE OSPF process as a OSPF multi-vrf CE capable process.

Router(config)# vrf selection source source-IP-address source-IP-mask vrf vrf_name

Configures the IP addresses mapping to a specific VRF table when implementing VRF selection.

Router(config-if)#ip vrf select source

Enables the interface for VRF selection based on source IP address.

Router(config-if)#ip vrf receive vrf-name

Configures the interface for mapping to addresses that will associate with a specific VRF when implementing VRF selection.

Router(config)#ip prefix-list prefix-list-name [seq seq-value] {deny network/length | permit network/length} [ge ge-value] [le le-value]

Configures traffic to map to a specific VRF when implementing PBR VRF selection.

Router(config-if)# standby hsrp-group-number IP virtual-IP-address-of-hsrp-group

Enables HSRP on the VRF interface.

Router(config-if)#standby [group-number] priority priority [preempt [delay [minimum | sync] delay]]

Configures the HSRP standby group and priority, delay, and preemption.

Router(config-if)#standby [group-number] timers hellotime holdtime

Configures the HSRP timers on VRF interface.

Router(config-if)#standby [group-number] track interface-type interface-number [interface-priority]

Configures the interface to be tracked for HSRP on VRF interface to activate.

Router(config)# interface interface-connected-to-services-ce-type number

Router(config)# ip nat outside

router(config)# interface interface-connected-to-MPLS-domain-type number

router(config-if)# ip nat inside

Configures the NAT inside and outside interfaces for NAT integration to MPLS VPN.

Router(config)# ip nat pool nat-pool-name start-range-of-IP-addresses end-range-of-IP-addresses netmask netmask

Configures NAT pool for IP addresses that will undergo NAT translation.

Router(config)#ip nat inside source-list [access-list-name | access-list-number] pool nat-pool-name vrf vrf_name2

Associates NAT pool with customer VRFs.

Router(config)#pseudowire-class class_name

Router(config-pw-class)#encapsulation mpls

Configures the pseudo-wire class for L2 VPN pseudo-wire switching.

Router(config)#l2 vfi name point-to-point

Configures the virtual forwarding interface.

Router(config-vfi)#neighbor ip-address vc-id {encapsulation mpls | pw-class pw-class-name}

Configures the neighbor with which the ASBR will form an L2 VFI connection.

Router(config-if-xconn)#backup peer peer-backup-router-id vc-id {encapsulation mpls | pw-class pw-class-name}

Configures the backup peer for a primary L2 VPN VC.

Router(config-if-xconn)#backup delay {enable-delay-in-seconds} {disable-delay-in-seconds | never}

Configures a backup delay for L2 VPN backup VC.

Router#xconnect backup force-switchover {interface interface-info | peer peer-ip-address vcid}

Initiates switchover from primary to backup for L2 VPN redundancy enabled VCs.

Router(config-if)#tunnel mode gre multipoint l3vpn

Configures the tunnel as a multipoint GRE tunnel.

Router(config-if)#tunnel key number

Configures the tunnel key for the mGRE tunnel.

Router(config-if)#set ip next-hop in-vrf mGRE-vrf-name

Set the next hop for matching prefixes to map to the mGRE tunnel.

Router(config-vrf)#tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp {exp-value-1 exp-value-2 exp-value-1 | default}

Associates an MPLS EXP value to be transported by a MPLS TE tunnel.

Router(config-vfi)# bridge-domain bridge-domain-id-value

Configures the bridge domain ID for a Layer 2 VFI instance on a GSR 12000 series.

Router(config-if)#bridge-domain bridge-domain-id-value

Associates interface with bridge domain on a GSR 12000 series.

Router(config-if)#encapsulation dot1q vlan-id

Enables VPLS Ethernet VLAN service on GE subinterface (GSR).

Router(config-if)#encapsulation dot1q top-vlan-id second-dot1q bottom-vlan-id

Enables VPLS Ethernet QinQ service on GE subinterface (GSR).

Router(config-if)#encapsulation dot1q top-vlan-id second-dot1q any

Enables VPLS Ethernet QinAny Service on GE subinterface (GSR).

MPLS Overview

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MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
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