Deficiencies in Forms Error-Message Handling

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The purpose of this chapter was to highlight Forms error-message handling, including the types and causes of errors and ways to handle them. The inability of Forms to cope with making a situation fool-proof and the golden methods to circumvent these problems were discussed. The areas explored were

  • Errors raised out of the failure of Forms built-ins
  • Errors raised out of the failure of Forms object properties
  • Errors raised out of exceptions from triggers and program unit code, that is, the failure of DML statements or PL/SQL errors, raised on the server side and propagated to Forms
  • The various triggers and SYSTEM variables and their use
  • When built-ins such as FORM_SUCCESS or FORM_FAILURE fail
  • When the ON-ERROR trigger isn't enough and how the use of FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE can prove to be wrong
  • The smart-but-not-too-smart role played by FORM_SUCCESS or FORM_FAILURE in the case of nested triggers
  • The inadequacy of Forms in programmatically checking ALL_FORM_SUCCESS and programmatically checking whether a particular trigger fired and which trigger fired

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