Intelligence in Forms


  • Smart Classes and Smart Triggers ”How Smart Are They?
  • Does Subclassing Exhibit Intelligence?
  • Normal Trigger Intelligence
  • Intelligence with Regard to Form Object Properties
  • Intelligence with Regard to Form Wizards
  • Summary

As IT made the transition from information systems to knowledge-based systems, information or processed data became knowledge or processed information. And knowledge gave birth to an altogether new component of IT called intelligence. A knowledge-based system in IT is now tailored towards incorporating the so-called intelligence ”the capability of a system component to accept the right processed information sensible to it and ignore the insensible. In other words, it recognizes the appropriateness of the information being fed into it.

Oracle is second to none in incorporating an appreciable amount of this intelligence in its server and server- related tools that are Internet and object-oriented driven and are used to deliver knowledge as a part of handling applications ranging from workgroups, to the enterprise, to mission-critical ones. The Forms component of Oracle Developer is one of those tool sets with an appreciable amount of intelligence built into it. This chapter explores this aspect of Forms builder in detail and the benefits and inability of the same, with regard to smart classes, smart triggers, subclassing, normal triggers, form object properties, and form wizards.

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Intelligence in Forms

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