Window Management in Forms

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The purpose of this chapter was to highlight some tips and techniques for advanced Forms GUI programming. The topics under discussion were the suppressing of default master-detail behavior, toggling between Immediate and Deferred coordination, preventing a query in a block from execution if it returns no records, using form and global variables , base tables, and record groups, and the persistent confusion between DO_KEY and the corresponding KEY- trigger. This chapter also presented a simple solution for creating a customized sign-on form. Last, I discussed Windows management with regard to standard window operations such as Resize, Reposition, and Close.

GUI Development

Advanced GUI Development: Developing Beyond GUI

Multi-form Applications

Advanced Forms Programming

Error-Message Handling

Object-oriented Methods in Forms

Intelligence in Forms

Additional Interesting Techniques

Working with Trees

Oracle 8 and 8i Features in Forms Developer

Oracle Developer Forms Techniques
Oracle Developer Forms Techniques
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